From Beige to BLAOW – Interior Art

The Big Ongoing Project where I attempt to make our house a home on an artist’s salary.


December 6, 2018

It’s all ours!

I can’t specify the about of time and energy Sprinkle and I have collectively spent dreaming of a home to suit our passions, but I alone have been drawing blueprints since I was 9. (Back then my plans included an indoor roller rink/basketball court. A half-court, because I wasn’t delusional.) But, as an adult couple, we dreamt of rural Missouri. Romanticizing our ideas of happiness with land and water for farming and wild & free recreation… working hard and playing hard, surrounded by family and friends.

At the very end of this rough 2018, we had found a bombshell. Something that we wanted and loved without a doubt. In the city of St. Louis, a place we already lived and loved! Where a lot of family and friends already are or where they’d be likely to visit more frequently than a country home. Where we can work and make a living in our interests, Art & Science. So, we bought the house RFT referred to as “St. Louis’s own Paisley Park”.

It’s not the typical St. Louis, South City home. It’s made of wood, for one. Looking at it from the street, it’s …undistinguished… fine, great, I don’t want that sort of attention anyway. The best I can describe it is a cabin in the city. A cabin with light blue siding falling off. But most importantly, there’s 23 trees and a long gravel driveway leading up to a house containing a wood burning stove.

The photo we saw on Zillow that made us say, “wut”.
(Taken from about halfway up the drive.)

So, here we have a place to support and be the ambition. With everything we have going into living and critical repairs, the budget for wants and aesthetics is a no way. But I just cannot stand here and live in a beige wall.

I am not trying to be a designer. I’m here documenting a work in progress as an artist who takes pride in the resourceful trait I’ve been developing since I was a little boy. It is of greater importance to Sprinkle and I, that we avoid a massive consumer overhaul. Getting the job done quickly will steal the soul of our beloved home filling it with trends, mass produced items and foolish choices…oh no. We will try and work with what we already have, can find, collect, repurpose, recycle, scrap and make ourselves with TIME. In the most efficient and economical way we can have a custom, quality home.

As the Blaow House is an “undistinguished” house, there is an indistinguishable entrance as well. But when people find it, and when they walk in, there are always words, and the most common words expressed are, “WOAH” and “WOW”. And that is the blank canvas we are working with.


December 9, 2018

First thing I did was clean inside of the kitchen cabinets. They were a filthy dark brown and I still didn’t want to put my cookware in them. So, I grabbed a can of dusty rose paint my friend, Ran gave me, mixed in a hint of blue (craft paint) to match the lovely countertops and painted the insides. Since the cabinet doors were already off, I ran to the store and bought this deep navy blue-green for $28.

As I was doing that, Ran came to check out the place and started helping out by giving the walls a fresh white coat & I added the loose black stripes (both paints were left in the basement from the previous owner). Then I threw on some brass I’d collected throughout the years, and that was that. $28 makeover!

The lavender countertops shall be appreciated for years to come.


January 2019

All leftover paints here!

  • Built-In Cabinet – leftover kitchen cabinet paint
  • Walls – found basement paint
  • Door Frame – leftover from laundry room (pics coming soonish)
  • Door Trim – the same Dusty Rose mix from friend

New Orleans Inspired